What's KMB?

Where we do JOY ON PURPOSE! THE place to get back into your body, sensation and ALIVENESS! Learn tools and practices that will connect you back to your original essence and wholeness. LIVE THIS GIFT CALLED LIFE! Welcome Home!!

  • Learn to practice radical self-love and acceptance, you are beautiful and perfect, exactly as you are!

  • Sexual energy is LIFE FORCE energy. Connect to your sensuality and pleasure, allow it to FUEL your everyday life!

  • Empowerment = Choice: CHOOSE joy, love, gratitude in every experience life brings to you! There is a way!

Hi, I'm Nil!

Nil Akselioglu

Founder of Kyss My Blyss

I am a trauma-informed Certified Sex, Love and Relationship coach trained in the VITA Method through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. The practices I share with 1:1 clients and community weaves ancient Tantric and Taoist wisdom, modern science and embodiment practices including breath work, pleasure practices, energy work, movement and sounding to facilitate the integration and liberation of deeply held shame, conditioning, trauma and issues related to intimacy, love and relationships. I'm a mom to 3 amazing young adults, a lifetime yogi with a 200+YTT and am devoted to weaving all of my experiences to offer a holistic, grounded container for my clients, aligning highest consciousness, heart center and thriving sexuality.

What you'll experience

  • Integration

    Feelings of shame, conditioning, limiting belief systems and trauma are universal. The path of integration, brings all parts of self back HOME, through radical self-love and self-acceptance.

  • Liberation

    Feel FREE, worthy and confident in all that you are and do. Owning all parts of yourself sets you free: free to live, love and BE exactly who you are! Claim your pleasure, desire, body, turn-on-JUST FOR YOU!

  • Empowerment

    CHOOSE how you want to live, love, work, play, be in community & relationships. It's all up to you. EMPOWER the pieces of you that are ready to take up SPACE~let your sexy, pleasure priestess, Goddess out to play!

Liberated, Embodied & Empowered

Awaken to your limitless potential

Liberate yourself from shame, limiting beliefs, conditioning, blocks and obstacles holding you back. Awaken your sensuality, connect to your life force energy, creativity, and inner fire. Attune and align to your energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Live empowered in your truth, your passion and your purpose: Grounded, playful, ALIVE, rooted in JOY & BLISS. Are you READY to say YES to YOU?

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